About Us

About Lumaland Inc. The Beanbag Factory

Leffring family; Muskegon, Michigan

Lumaland, one of Europe's leading Home & Living brands teamed up with an established American family business with a vision.

We make the world's most comfortable foam-filled furniture & wellness products with awareness for sustainability. Lumaland Inc. uses 100% virgin recycled foam recovered from framed furniture processing.

The US headquarters and the bean bag manufacturing center are both located in Muskegon, Michigan - near the shores of Lake Michigan. Each product is carefully crafted and quality-checked under the highest American standards.

One of the goals the founders and employees at the Lumaland bag factory have is the dedication to creating the best foam-filled furniture on the market.
But, they're also committed to helping the environment, which is why every piece of foam used in the manufacture of the Lumaland Beanbag Factory is 100% virgin recycled. Lumaland Inc. is also excited to be a part of the Michigan revival, as this wonderful state continues to grow and create jobs for their fellow citizens.


The Origin Story

The Inspiration

It all started more than three decades ago when Gerald Leffring introduced his son Jeremy to foam. Mr. Leffring manufactured and sold foam in Muskegon, Michigan for several years, and he still does.

Fast forward a few years to 1996 and Jeremy is in college where he wants more comfortable (and better-smelling) solution to the dorm room furniture. Frustrated that he couldn't find a comfy chair for his dorm room, Jeremy had the idea to create one using foam.

With six bucks in his pocket, Jeremy went to Walmart and bought six yards of fabric. After a brief tutorial on his sister's sewing machine, he was able to cut and sew the six yards of fabric (as big as it could be sewn). Then, he cut small pieces of foam at his dad’s factory, and filled the first sewed “foam bag.”

Nowadays, the beanbag factory features state of the art equipment and a full in-house production line including storage, shredding, stuffing, compressing, packing, and shipping - all under one roof, with a growing team that is proud to stand behind the product range.


The Family Business with a Vision

Today, Lumaland Inc. is thriving in Muskegon, Michigan, where their foam-filled furniture is revolutionizing the business of comfort. The Beanbag factory uses 100% reclaimed and recycled foam. Customers can choose from different beanbag styles and also yoga pillows with selected fillings.

The entire Team has come a long way, but we're not done yet.