We all love bean bag chairs! They are cozy, supportive, comfy and most of all, practical! But, you might be surprised to learn that bean bags have lots of health benefits too.

Yes, you can look at bean bags as fun and inviting furniture that you can just melt into for a long movie marathon, but they also provide some impressive health benefits that you may not be aware of.

If you are one of the many people who suffer from back and neck aches and problems, you will be delighted to know that Lumaland bean bag chairs adjust to the shape and size of your body as you sit on them, supporting your body rather than forcing it into an unnatural and uncomfortable posture.

Read on to find out about the medical benefits of using ergonomic furniture and the reasons why buying a bean bag chair can be a very wise investment.

The Posture Matters

It doesn't matter what position you choose to sit in, a bean bag will contour to every inch of your body. Consider it the ideal choice if you’re concerned with the pressure in the lower spine, hips, buttocks and sciatic nerve.
Women who are pregnant can benefit from the complete spine support, while nursing moms can make sure that both they and their baby are gently supported on all sides.

Gray Bean Bag Chair 2

Therapeutic for Back Pain

Many adults, and unfortunately nowadays even more children experience back pain due to bad postural habits or playing video games, watching TV, and sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time.
Sitting down on a hard couch or sofa after a long workday can also skew your natural posture. Unlike the traditional furniture, a humble Lumaland bean bag filled with selected memory foam will mold itself around your body in its natural position without affecting your neck with undue stress.


For Home and Office

Bean bag chairs are ideal for kids bedrooms, living rooms, as well as for office environments where they can be used to take the stress away. The result is a relaxed environment and increased productivity of the employees who will never again experience serious back injuries from working long hours hunched over a computer.

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Reducing Tension Headaches

Many people do not realize that their furniture could be playing a huge role in having terrible headaches. Poor sitting posture can often contribute to neck and shoulders tension, therefore causing headaches. Sitting on high-quality bean bags ensures perfect support that can ease any tension headache. You can easily prevent the unwanted pain allowing the muscles to relax and drain the tension. 

Light Blue Bean Bag Chair
Calming for Autistic Children

Bean bags lend even pressure on the kids’ body bringing a soothing sense of ease and security. They are comfortable, supportive, and parents can rest assured that they will adapt to their autistic child’s body perfectly.


Easing Muscle and Joint Pain

No wonder why many doctors recommend bean bag chairs to those with pain in joints and muscles, as well as those who went through a back injury or surgery. Bean bags can help to soothe your aches and give you optimal support from head to toe in a way that other furniture cannot do.

Light Blue Bean Bag Chair 2

With the overload of stress we manage in these fast, modern times, bean bag chairs are the ultimate cozy furniture that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. So why not help yourself achieve that inner peace by creating a place where your body can relax and relief from stress? Choose your favorite bean bag size and color here.

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