Bean Bags are not only available in different shapes, but also sizes. Many buyers are often confused about the sizes of the Bean Bags. The opinions are sometimes as far apart as the offers. However, most people believe that bigger is always better. Whether this is true or not, we want to discuss with you in the following.

Bean Bag Size: Don't forget to include the size of your living room!

A criterion that clearly limits the size of your new Bean Bag is your living space. You should consider before buying, where the Bean Bag is used and best measure this area once. So you get a good feel for which Bean Bag size is ideally suited for the respective room.

If you want to put together a lounge area with several Bean Bags, you must also include a sufficient distance between them in your considerations. Bean Bags should never close and cramp spaces. They should radiate comfort and this also means that they give a place to breathe.

Bean Bag height: Also the height can be a criterion! If you want to use the Bean Bag under a sloping roof, you should always include it in your purchase considerations. Also, you may not like your Bean Bag permanently in the living room, for example, but only bring it out when needed. If this is the case, you should definitely consider before buying, where you can stow the Bean Bag in the meantime.

Bean Bag Size: Is Bigger Better?

As already mentioned, most buyers prefer the largest possible Bean Bags. These give a purely visual coziness, are also partly usable with several people and thus in the eyes of many simply better. But does that really correspond to the truth?

One thing in advance: the opinions differ here and ultimately there are no pro forma purchase recommendations. Allowed is what pleases. Depending on the model also the size varies that is needed for the body size. The required size for a Bean Bag depends on the sitting and lying position. For example, if you do not have a problem with your legs overhanging slightly, you can use a smaller model.

Before buying a Bean Bag you should also think about whether you want to use the Bean Bag as an individual or together with others. This has a huge impact on the purchase decision. Especially the preformed models definitely allow only one use according to the description. By the way: Not every XXL Bean Bag version is designed for more than one person. You should always pay attention to the item description!

For children, however, it is advisable to buy smaller models because they have less power and thus can form and carry large Bean Bags more difficult. Likewise, they quickly lose their grip in the large, shapeless Bean Bags.

The manufacturer's information for Bean Bags

The manufacturers always state the explicit dimensions of the Bean Bags. If you are bad at estimating dimensions, you should use a measuring tape or a inch rule. Often it just helps to illustrate the dimensions to get a first impression of whether a Bean Bag is too small or too big. Lying models, for example, have to be so big that you can rest on them with your entire upper body. In contrast, models in the shape of an armchair must have a sufficiently high backrest including a headrest. Likewise, many manufacturers give size specifications size comparison. However, these statements do not bother you until the information is not provided with a certain size specification regarding the user.


Finding the right size is not easy. Manufacturer's specifications and the dimensions are indicative only. We therefore recommend you to grab an inch rule and visualize the dimensions as best as possible. This will give you a quick sense of what fits you, your home and your needs.

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