After our Lumaland bean bags have graced thousands of homes, we decided to launch our brand new Bean Bag Factory website.

As part of the Lumaland family, we believe in making customers interior dreams come true. Fitting for what we believe is a great step in a new direction.

To start off the first of the blog posts, we decided to add a little picture of what the process of developing a bean bag range that is something a little special means to us (and hopefully to you too).


The Benefits of Owning a Bean Bag Chair

The bean bag is a fun and unique piece of furniture that can take your room from standard and simple to a creative and fun space that screams happiness.

There isn’t a more original way to create extra seats during a movie marathon with your friends and family. Bean bags conform perfectly to various body shapes, holding you comfortably and snugly.

Whether you choose to personalize the room where you spend long periods of reading, studying, and working on your smart device, or you just want to add a modern look to your minimalist room - think about picking up a classic black, navy, or grey bean bag chair. If you want something bold that will make a statement, go for a brighter color.

Pregnant women who have such changes to their bodies will especially love the giant bean bag sofa that cradles the body and helps them stay in a good position.

Purple Bean Bag Chair 3ft

Why Choose Lumaland Bean Bag Chairs?

What makes Lumaland bean bags so well loved is their comfortability and versatility. They are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

They can be used in any room of the home (or at work - yes, that’s correct, they make the perfect break room furniture in company's offices) without any special prep work or planning. Just use the integrated handles to move the bean bag into different rooms and sit on it, it’s just that easy!

You will never again experience back pain and problems with your posture. Lumaland bean bag chairs for adults are the healthiest seating you can choose, providing utmost support and added comfort.


Exclusive Fabrics and the Highest Quality Stitching

Our method of filling, packing, and shipping ensures quality checks are made from the first step until the last.

During the manufacturing process, we ensure the zipper is installed impeccably and top-stitched to extra strength. The strong seams and double stitching ensure that you have a firm foundation on which to sit on and relax.

Purple Bean Chair Zipper       


Who Can Use Them

Lumaland bean bags will soon become yours (and your pet's) favorite seat in the house. These luxurious lounge chairs are popular with almost everyone. Our bean bag chairs for kids are especially adored by the littlest ones as they are a safer option compared to rigid and hard furniture.

They come in many colors, and few different exciting and stylish bean bag size options, starting from child size chairs all the way up to massive cushions that can comfortably fit several adults.

Light Blue Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chairs As an Eco-Friendly Option

Millions of trees are cut down every day to create conventional chairs and wooden furniture. Unlike those unmovable pieces that don’t really change the way we live, bean bags are comfortable, affordable, and environmentally friendly choice. Plus, you are being a lot kinder to the Earth!

Click here to discover our full range of beanbags!

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I love your product! It’s the perfect size & quite cozy! Great for reading or just lounging around with my man. It changed our lives. Our living space was missing something & this was it.

Haley Allen

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